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4 March 2018

GTA SA Online Android MOD (SAMP) v4.7 | Multiplayer MOD

GTA SA Online Android MOD (SAMP) v4.7 | Multiplayer MOD

SAMP, and a modification created for GTA SA Online Android MOD that allows players to play mutiplayer! Yes, GTA SA Multiplayer Android MOD with several people from around the world, on servers of up to 1000 people. This GTA San Andreas Online Android MOD is being developed by a small Russian group.

GTA SA ONLINE Screenshot:

GTA SA Multiplayer DOWNLOAD Links:

APK Normal (17MB) =

(compatible with Normal GTA)

APK Lite (17MB) -

Data (271KB):


1. You need to have GTA SA installed in your phone | Download from here if not installed

2. Download the preferred APK (Use Lite if downloaded GTA SA in less than 1GB)
3. Download Data, extract the zip & paste “com.rockstargames.gtasa” folder to: Android=>data

4. Install & Launch GTA SA Online MOD.apk & your game will start!
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Enjoy GTA SA Online for Android!
NOTE:- This GTA San Andreas Online MOD isn’t developed by me.
Developer: Android.samp
Some Source Taken By:

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