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17 March 2018

How to Play PS2 Games on Android | DamonPS2 Emulator

How to Play PS2 Games on Android | DamonPS2 Emulator

Sony discontinued the PS2 in 2013 and it is not available in retail now. So if you don’t have a PlayStation 2 console and still want to play PS2 games then your android phone can help you. Now it is possible to play PS2 games on your android smartphone with the “DamonPS2 Emulator Apk“.

And it won’t if we try to Free Download DamonPS2 Emulator For Android it won’t opens by some kind of authentication with Play Store. And removed from play store that means you can’t play it! But finally after trying a lot of methods, I finally found a way to Download DamonPS2 Emulator Apk For Free and Play PS2 Games on Android! But this method to getting Damon PS2 Emulator For Android is a bit tricky.
But if you followed all the steps carefully you’ll get Damon PS2 Apk Free! Video Tutorial will be added soon to make it more easier to understand for CompressedApk Visitors on our official channel.


This tutorial is only made for educational purposes and only for those who have bought PlayStation 2 games. And they wish to play those PS2 games on Android phone. If you will download or play any game that you have not purchased, you will commit a crime and will not take any responsibility for any of your actions. You are responsible for all of your actions and their reactions.

How to Play PS2 Games in Android:

Note: Currently this PS2 android emulator works only on android Lollipop or above. This emulator also doesn’t work on low end android phones as the emulation will be very slow. You should wait until developers give frame skipping feature in Damon PS2 Emulator.
First of all you need to download that archive from the link below:

Free Download DamonPS2 Emulator:

You have downloaded DamonPS2 Apk and Other required files. Now, extract that “DamonPS2 Emulator”  and now follow the steps given below:
1. Install Zarchiver Apk and open it.
2. Go to the folder where you downloaded DamonPS2 Emulator and extract it.
3. There will be 4 Files (1. DamonPS2 Apk Free, 2. Parallel Space Lite Apk, 3. scph10000.bin, 4. watermark file.)
4. Install DamonPS2 Pro Apk Free and Parallel Space Lite Apk.
5. Open Parallel Space Lite and untick all other apps and tick DamonPS2 Pro Apk and add it to parallel space.
6. Now, click the three dots at upper right corner of you and turn on Speed mode.
7. After you’ve enabled speed mode. Open Damon PS2 Pro in Parallel Space.
9. Now close it and open any File Manager and Copy the file “scph10000.bin” to Parallel_lite/0/DamonPS2.
10. Now, open parallel space Lite again and open DamonPS2 in he Parallel Space Lite.
11. Now move to BIOS tab then click on Internal Storage > DamonPS2 And select the bios file (scph10000.bin).

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