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12 August 2018

WOW!!GTA 5 Finally Launched On PlayStore||Play GTA 5 MOBILE||NEW BETA VERSION

WOW!!GTA 5 Finally Launched On PlayStore||Play GTA 5 MOBILE||NEW BETA VERSION


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What is a money market account and how does it work?

A money market account is a type of savings account that can be found at banks and credit unions. These accounts may pay a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts, but their minimum deposit and balance requirements are often higher.
Money market accounts also often come with checks and a debit card, which distinguishes them from traditional savings accounts and certificates of deposit. The check-writing and debit capability of these accounts provide a degree of flexibility and liquidity often not found in other savings vehicles.
Money market accounts allow for up to six types of withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle.
Like a traditional savings account, there's no set term for maturity with a money market account — you can park cash for an unlimited amount of time.
But the way the institution can use your money is different from a savings account.
Banks and credit unions can use the money deposited into money market accounts for low-risk investments, like certificates of deposit, Treasury notes and government-backed bonds. Institutions can mainly use the money deposited into traditional savings accounts for loans.
That said, safety is still a top feature of these financial tools. Money market accounts are insured up to $250,000 at banks by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and at credit unions by the National Credit Union Association.

Who should get a money market account?

Anyone looking for a safe place to stash a good chunk of money and earn some interest may benefit from a money market account. But these accounts make particularly good sense in a handful of situations.

Here's when to consider a money market account:

  • You want an account that offers liquidity, safety and a higher interest rate than traditional savings or checking accounts.
  • You want the ability to write checks or use a debit card up to six times per month.
  • You want immediate access to funds if you're ever in a bind.
  • You want a good spot to keep your emergency fund.
  • You don't want to lock up your money in a CD for an extended period, but you still want a comparable interest rate and the safety of an FDIC- or NCUA-backed account.

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